Choosing the Best Marketing Agency in Gateshead and Newcastle Upon Tyne

Since the early inception of Google Local Searches (around 2004) Marketing Agencies in UK-Newcastle strived to conquer the local index and help local Newcastle and Gateshead companies to compete for the best spot on the digital business market. And they have a lot to show for it.

If you are looking for an Agency to handle your Digital Marketing Campaigns, it is hard to choose or compare such marketing agencies on the Internet. The research isn’t impossible, and we will guide you through the process.

Online Marketing Agencies in Gateshead and Newcastle have built an extensive portfolio of happy clients in North East, England. The services range from purely advertising agencies working exclusively with local companies and entrepreneurs in Gateshead, England or nationally recognised digital marketing agencies servicing Newcastle Upon Tyne, England as well as the entire United Kingdom and, even, Worldwide. 

All of those marketing agencies have one unified goal: when an agency partner with local Newcastle or Gateshead company, they attempt to rank highly on Google with their clients’ related service-phrases.

However, that is not to say that their role starts and ends there. The most significant part of a marketing campaign is its tailor-made setup and ongoing customisation. No one client equals the other. Therefore, the performance is being measured, optimised, and opportunities are getting their deserved leverage.

How to choose the best marketing agency if you’re in Newcastle Upon Tyne or Gateshead, England?

The answer is simple. Choose a creative marketing and digital agency that offers results-driven solutions for clients in Newcastle Upon Tyne and beyond. However, how to get to that answer might require more work on your part.

Let’s say you’re looking for talented designers, PR professionals, online marketing experts and digital developer, all in one. Firstly, you would venture out and check their Google My Business profile. Are they stand out prominently in their Map listing? Do they have photos and links in order? Do they have an office in Newcastle or Gateshead High Street?

Next, go to their website. Does their header say something like Digital Marketing UK Newcastle and online marketing campaigns Gateshead? Check how does marketing agency see themselves. And read what else do they offer on their homepage. Whatever you’re looking for: business photography, digital Public Relations, Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing Campaigns or Website Design for Newcastle Upon Tyne and Gateshead Companies should be a start.

Finish quickly reviewing their landing page, and go to their digital Marketing Campaigns Gateshead or Newcastle services. You should be able to read more about how they conduct the marketing business. Do the marketing company list comprehensive processes they use in their Marketing Services or just vaguely ask to contact them? (sometimes you may not be able to find out until they respond)

Can you find their portfolio and who did they work with in the past? If you can, browse their Digital Services Portfolio featuring any web design, marketing campaign, bespoke graphics, videos, and creative work they made for their Newcastle clients. Seeing the most recent work and the quality of their portfolio will be the most crucial point of picking up the best marketing company in Newcastle.

Your marketing agency research requires one more thing to check. The marketing agency has to list some kind of testimonials or customer reviews. It might be on their Google page or their website alike. You should check both places. 

Great testimonials with a lot of details coming from Newcastle-based companies can help you choose the right local digital agency for your business.

Which marketing agency services are right for my business?

If you’re based in Newcastle Upon Tyne or Gateshead, England, most often you will be looking online marketing strategy consultants, digital communication consultant, email marketing, digital marketing and SEO services, web design with inbound lead generation, and possibly graphics and brand design.

As said before, try to choose already recommended marketing agency. If not applicable, use the above guide to pick a marketing agency in Newcastle with the most ambitious service strategy and the best portfolio. Also, it might be helpful to have the agency office located close to your company. For example, if you’re based in Newcastle Upon Tyne it should be easy to find a digital marketing agency in the City Centre or Gateshead, High Street. That way you’ll be close enough to check with the team and see them in person. As you imagine, those 1-on-1 type of relationships with businesses brings more trust. A local marketing agency can benefit all parties in local-relevant referrals to your own business – something that offshore companies will never be able to give by design.

When you contact the marketing agency, examine how eager they are in helping your brands find success in the digital world as well as offline. A great proactive marketing agency should care for your success regardless of your particular type of circumstance. And they should be forward-thinking in combining strategic processes with creativity and technical know-how to help your local business grow as a whole.

Where should you NOT look for Marketing Agencies and Web Designers?

There are several redundant places where many Newcastle and Gateshead-based companies got burned. One of those places you should avoid is Yell.

Yell claimes that you can find all the best local Digital Marketing Agencies in Gateshead and Newcastle Upon Tyne on their services. That claim cannot be further from the truth. Yell Local Search features the randomly scrapped local businesses in your area with vastly outdated customer reviews, galleries and contact information. The reviews are often fake, and you cannot reliably find, compare and get competitive quotes from their website. All the best Gateshead and Newcastle Digital Marketing Agencies near you, are listed on the first page of Google. It would be best if you direct your focus on their websites rather than wasting time on Yell directories.

Another terrible place to look for a competitive marketing agency is Thomson Local. They claim to have millions of views on their directories. However, whenever asked to provide a shred of evidence, they always fail to deliver. Again, they use outdated and irrelevant directory service that offers little to no value in helping you to choose the best marketing agency in Newcastle, Gateshead or anywhere in the UK. The best thing you can do is to stay away from Thomson Local website.

One last and probably the worst of all is Checked and Vetted. Another antiquated directory that seldom anyone uses. Checked and Vetted has been linked to multiple scams and has a terrible track record. We indeed checked Checked and Vetted, and it only lists the worst and the most irrelevant marketing companies in your local Newcastle and Gateshead area.

One thing to mention, all those shady companies – Yell, Thomson Local and Checked and Vetted – will try to sell their marketing services to you. They use all dodgy techniques to put you on a very long contract that you cannot break. You will never get any client from them and often pay a similar or worst price when compared to the renowned Marketing Agency in Gateshead that advertises on Google. You have been warned.

Concluding your Marketing Agency Research in your local area

Remember to always start on Google. Skim through the search results and eyeball different marketing agencies listings on Google Search. Check their Google My Business and Google Maps profiles. You can also review TrustPilot is available (but don’t make it a decision point – many great digital agencies in Newcastle avoid TrustPilot due to high prices and fake reviews). The goal here is to ensure the agency has their ducks in order. You don’t want to engage with a marketing agency that hasn’t done any marketing for themselves.

Next, thoroughly review their website and digital marketing services they promote. Ensure they offer in-house services you’re looking for (otherwise they’ll just outsource to someone else – which is not ideal for you as a local business in Gateshead or Newcastle Upon Tyne).

Check their portfolio and testimonials. See what companies they worked with. Is the marketing portfolio recent and updated?

Avoid Checked and Vetted, Yell and Thomson Local at all cost!

Build a list of companies you think are worth talking to and call them one by one. Engage with a few that made an effort to connect with you on the phone. Good luck!